Real Estate Operations

Dedicated property managers and skilled maintenance technicians keep our logistic real estate facilities up and running, no matter what.

Brochure eegle

‘Connected Facility Tool’ Helps Customers Manage Buildings Remotely

Our new connected facility tool, eegle, helps customers optimize building operations, reduce costs and minimize environmental impact. 

Prologis Maint techs Chris Parker and Mike Dominik

Mobile Technology Improves Industrial Property Management

Chicago-area maintenance techs Mike Dominik and Chris Parker take industrial property management to the next level with mobile technology, boosting...

Prologis Wayne Porter

Wayne Porter of UK Customer Solutions: Providing an Extra Level of Service

At Prologis, we retain ownership of our buildings, which means we have a long-term interest in ensuring not only that they are maintained to a high...

Randy Kelch, maintenance tech

A Perspective on Industrial Property Management: Maintenance Tech Randy Kelch

Maintenance tech Randy Kelch talks about what makes Prologis’ industrial property management team the best in the business and how sometimes a bad...

Capital Deployment

676 million square feet and counting, our logistics real estate facilities are purpose-built to ensure our customers' supply chains are efficient. Our state-of-the-art industrial buildings are built to last.

Strategic Capital

As the world's leader in logistics real estate, we focus on growing and preserving investors' assets over cycles and for the long term.

  • 413 Million Square Feet
  • $39B Assets Under Management
  • 1,959 Buildings
  • 18 Countries
  • 11 Number of Funds
Date as of December 31, 2016